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The Fine Art of Selling Your Art Online

No Website Required:

You don't need to waste your time and money learning HTML and designing your own website.  Personal websites are fine for showing examples of your work and providing biographical information but they are statistically lousy for making sales.  Furthermore, unless you have the resources to promote your website properly, your total number of visitors will most likely be abysmally low. And of course, no visitors means no sales. So why bother?

The good news: Thousands of savvy artists have discovered an extremely effective way to sell their art online without all the worry and hassle...

Sell Your Art Online in Just Three Simple Steps:

Step 1:
Sign Up for Your Free PayPal Account - This is necessary so you can start accepting secure credit card payments online.  PayPal handles it all.  You just need an email address.
Step 2:
Sign Up for Your Own Free eBay Seller Account - Why eBay? A better question is 'Why not eBay'. EBay is the oldest, largest and most respected classified auction site out there and it gets at least ten times more traffic than all of its closest competitors combined.  In fact, eBay is THE most visited ecommerce site on the planet. When it comes to exposing your artwork to buyers, eBay is the one place you absolutely want to be. Enough said.  Except:  If you have a large volume of artwork you would like to sell, you might even consider Opening Your Own Storefront on eBay.
Step 3:
Upload Your Information - First, you need access to a good digital camera. Quality photos are absolutely essential for selling your art online. Once you've taken your photos and uploaded them, all you have to do is fill out a few more simple auction information forms and you are officially in business. 

*Don't be discouraged if artwork sales are a bit slow at first.  Ebay users have a rating number that is based on customer feedback.  If you are new to eBay, you have no rating, so buyers are less confident about buying from you.  After you've sold a few pieces and received positive feedback, your rating number will rise and more people should start buying from you.

*To make more people comfortable about buying from you at first, you can set up your own free "About Me" page (see ours).  This is where you can add personal and biographical information and maybe even a few references.

Are You a Texas Hill Country Artist?

We are always willing to represent more talented Texas Hill Country artists working in contemporary styles and mediums.  We would love to talk to you more about your work if:

  1. you live or work in the Texas Hill Country; and
  2. you are not currently represented in the Fredericksburg area; and
  3. your work is nontraditional in style and has a uniquely whimsical flair.

If you think your artwork would be appropriate for our gallery, please contact us.

More Art Income and Exhibition Opportunities

ArtDeadline.Com Income Program
The art world's source for income and exhibition opportunities. Searchable database and magazine for artists seeking juried exhibitions, grants, jobs, internships, residencies, percent-for-art, art in public places, design RFP's, etc, for all mediums and disciplines.

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The Fine Art of Selling Your Art Online