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Featherdance - Laurie Williams & Deborah Jelinek

Feather and Glass Art

Laurie Williams and Deborah Jelinek became fascinated by birds and the intricacy and natural beauty of feathers during their many nature outings and vacations together. Wanting to find a way to share the magnificence of feathers with others, they began experimenting with different media. They finally settled upon encasing feathers in glass and creating artist statements using shadowboxes, textured papers, metal, wood and beads to enhance the beauty of nature.

The magical art has captured the hearts of many people since they began selling it in the summer of 2003 and is now enjoyed by people all across the country. Residing in central Texas, Laurie and Deborah exhibit their art at various upscale art shows throughout Texas including regular outings at the West 6th Street Market in Austin. Their art is also in several retail locations including Central Homegoods and Polished in Austin as well as Sassafras Fine Gifts in Tahoe City, California. The artists have also done various commission works for clients and businesses.

Laurie and Deborah are eager to continue to spread the joy of nature to people through their art. To inquire about exhibits, retail locations and commission work, feel free to call or write.


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