What is the best way to research antiques online?
Q. I am in the process of cleaning out my parents house containing 50 years worth of "stuff" and I don't know what might be valuable as antiques.
Asked by jackie_canastaaddict - Thu Jul 20 10:38:52 2006 - - 4 Answers - 0 Comments

A. If you don't know anything about the items, you shouldn't try to deal them yourself. With many antiques, furniture especially, it's very difficult to tell the good from the great, and the real from the fake. If there is documentation of purchase for any of the items, at least you have a place to start. You should try to find a reputable dealer, who can take the items on consignment for you. Look in the local yellow pages under Antiques, and then check with the Better Business Bureau or other consumer protection agency to verify that the dealer you choose is in good standing. If you have pieces you suspect are really valuable, get them appraised by someone who doesn't have an interest in buying them.
Answered by MOM KNOWS EVERYTHING - Thu Jul 20 11:00:40 2006

I have mold growing on pieces of furniture in my house, antiques and others. How do I get rid of the mold?
Q. I really don't want to get rid of the antiques, and some I won't. But how do I get rid of the mold growing. It is even growing on the window sills. The only thought that I have (besides water and bleach-and I am AFRAID to try it on the wood) is to get central air. Does insurance cover this, and is there any hope out there. All we have are antiques passed down from the 1800's, I could care less about the rest. What do I do? I really don't want to get rid of the antiques, and some I won't. But how do I get rid of the mold growing. It is even growing on the window sills. The only thought that I have (besides water and bleach-and I am AFRAID to try it on the wood) is to get central air. Does insurance cover this, and is there any hope… [cont.]
Asked by young61021 - Thu Aug 10 00:18:30 2006 - - 9 Answers - 1 Comments

A. Please get a de-humidifier or two for now I doubt your insurance will cover this. This is a maintenance problem not a property damage claim. You need to go to a Sanitation Supply store and get a mildew cleaner (industrial cleaner). Explain what you have and they should supply the proper cleaner. Usually its sprayed on, Quite simple but effective and important. Spray everywhere even if you see no mildew this mildew could be in behind your walls , ceilings, attic, anywhere. You may want to call an air quality contractor or a contractor that services the insurance companies for property losses due to flood (water damage). your insurance agent would know someone or any insurance company will have a preferred contractor list that they use for… [cont.]
Answered by parky - Thu Aug 10 13:10:02 2006

How do I start an antiques business?
Q. I'm interested in acquiring antiques. Now I think that I want to start a business of buying and selling antiques. Anyone know what are the steps I should follow?
Asked by euskaldun87 - Tue Jun 16 20:39:12 2009 - - 3 Answers - 0 Comments

A. What kind of business? Your own shop? Selling them on Ebay? Yard Sales? First figure out what your 'business' is. Secondly, why should I buy from you? What makes you so unique that I should come to you first? If you can answer all these questions, then maybe you can start your own 'business'. Of course, you will have to have a business plan and analysis, or you simply won't get funded. Good luck to you.
Answered by Liberty - Tue Jun 16 20:57:41 2009

What are the chances of removing the smell of smoke from antiques, leather furniture, etc?
Q. We recently lost our home to fire, but it was contained to 3 rooms and we were able to remove many things. The smell of smoke is terrible on most of it. I have an antique sewing machine, among other antiques that have tremendous sentimental value but am clueless as how to remove the smell without causing more damage. I also have leather furniture and many wood pieces. Any suggestions would be extremely appreciated. Thanks and a very Happy Easter to All... : ) Angie
Asked by # 9 - Sun Mar 23 02:14:35 2008 - - 1 Answers - 0 Comments

A. Arm & Hammer baking soda can take the smell of smoke, sweat, and etc from furniture. You can get a box or two and apply a thick layer of it on the surface and leave it on for an hour. Then vacuum it off, and the smell should be gone.
Answered by Jude - Sun Mar 23 02:23:37 2008

What are the major countries that valuable antiques come from?
Q. Well, I am into finding antiques and selling them on eBay. I recentaly went to Goodwill to look for some, and saw 6 bowls and 3 Saucers. They all had a Floral design and looked antique. On the back it says Made in Poland." I am trying to figure out with countires I should be looking for.
Asked by astro15@stardustmemories.com - Tue Aug 26 10:19:02 2008 - - 4 Answers - 0 Comments

A. Paris, Germany, and Italy and most European countries.
Answered by Susan S - Tue Aug 26 10:26:13 2008

Where can I sell costume jewelry? I saw it on an antiques roadshow once, where do I start to sell it?
Q. I'm cleaning out my deceased grandmother's closet, and found tons of old costume jewelry. Some of it is cheap plastic and going to Goodwill, but some of it is actually nice stuff. I saw an Antiques Roadshow once that said a lot of the old broaches were collector's items and were actually worth money, so the question is, where do I start to try to sell or auction some of it?
Asked by 78 - Sat Jan 24 16:23:14 2009 - - 3 Answers - 0 Comments

A. There is an organization called the Vintage Fashion and Costume Jewelry association. The members are experts and traders and collectors of vintage costume and fashion jewelry. You might make a good start by contacting them. Maybe someone near you is a member and could help you figure something out. Here is there website. You might also go to an antiques consignment shop and see about selling it through them. Just be sure to check their reputation carefully before you leave anything with them.
Answered by guyotgirl - Sun Jan 25 13:44:31 2009

How do I learn about antiques?
Q. I want to learn about all kinds of antiques? Also how can I make money by collecting antiques and selling them? How can I grow up and make a living on selling and collecting antiques?
Asked by ahhh - Sat Jan 23 19:03:37 2010 - - 1 Answers - 0 Comments

A. Go to antiques shows and galleries, flea markets and auctions. Don't buy anything, but look at what interests you. Learn what you can about things you like by asking the dealers and looking things up on the Internet, also check places like eBay for similar items and read the item descriptions. Watch the auctions end so you see what prices things typically sell for, and learn how to tell real antiques from fakes or reproductions. Learn how to judge good quality in construction and design. Go to garage and yard sales and if you see something that is priced very low that seems like an item that would be easy for you to sell at a much higher price, you could buy it and list it on eBay. Remember that you will have to take good photos and… [cont.]
Answered by Alice - Sat Jan 23 19:20:10 2010

How strong is the German market for German antiques?
Q. I have some old old antiques from germany and I was wondering how high is the german market is today.
Asked by Tam Lin - Mon Jul 7 19:02:53 2008 - - 2 Answers - 0 Comments

A. Antiques in Germany are always strong and always have been. English antiques are even hotter than German ones, in Germany.
Answered by HandyMan - Mon Jul 7 19:08:53 2008

Where is a good place to sell antiques online?
Q. I am looking for sites similar to ebay that focus on high ticket items and antiques. I have a client that has two antique shops in Florida and one in North Carolina ans she is interested in selling her goods online. I am working on building her a website and shopping cart, but I'd like a more commercial site with steady traffic to advertise the goods on. Any ideas?
Asked by bigdon49245 - Thu Mar 18 02:19:15 2010 - - 1 Answers - 0 Comments

A. Try out Yardsellr it's a great new place to buy and sell online - the things listed are marketed on the seller's facebook/twitter, the company's facebook/twitter, google, craigslist and all over the web. Plus, there are no fees to the seller Here's a link:
Answered by Mary - Thu Mar 18 18:38:57 2010

New to Antique collecting and garage sale shopping. How do I find nice antiques?
Q. Sometimes I see things that look like Antiques, but I'm not really quite sure if they are. Some things don't have dates on them. What are items to look for at garage sales that can be antiquey. Any websites that do appraisels? Im pretty open to collecting anything. Please let me know. Thanks!
Asked by googoodollsss - Mon Jul 23 01:28:56 2007 - - 3 Answers - 0 Comments

A. browse around in some antique shops. see what they have to offer, it may give you some idea of what you want to collect and will give you an idea of what you want to pay when you find it. go to the library and nose through some books. good luck and have fun.
Answered by barb - Mon Jul 23 18:36:25 2007

What do you think of France rob the antiques of China and don't return to China?
Q. I think they're rude.Because they robbed the antiques in many years ago and the antiques belong to China actually.In before.I like France very much.But since I know they robbed our things and don't return to us.I'm very angry.
Asked by jeremy_wong_ken - Wed Mar 4 07:00:19 2009 - - 6 Answers - 1 Comments

A. Interesting! Those things belonged to individuals long since dead, not "China". In fact it all belonged to the Emperor, as did the people, so the only loser is the Emperor - and there isn't one any more! So calm down, it is only things. Cheers, Steve.
Answered by Steve J - Wed Mar 4 07:07:07 2009

Where can I find a free apprasial website for antiques?
Q. I have lots of antiques but I'm having trouble finding a site where I can find the true value of my items. Please help me.
Asked by Jadana - Mon Jun 12 15:52:33 2006 - - 2 Answers - 0 Comments

A. Maybe you are having trouble finding a free site is because appraisers make a living at what they do, and they can't give away their extensive knowledge and background for free. Another problem is that the value of antiques depends entirely on the quality of the item, which can only be determined by inspecting it. Your best bet would be to look on ebay or Yahoo auctions for an items similar to what you have and see what they are selling for. That will be a close approximation. I have an antique table, and that is exactly how I got a general idea what to expect when I took it in to an antique store here to sell it. I was very close to the selling price.
Answered by Yarnlady_needsyarn - Mon Jun 12 17:49:45 2006

What is the most something has ever been worth on Antiques Roadshow?
Q. On Antiques Roadshow, what is the highest estimated value ever? I heard there was something that was worth 100,000! And also what was the item?
Asked by Pighi - Mon Oct 19 16:36:07 2009 - - 2 Answers - 0 Comments

A. There was a half-round table that a woman purchased at a yard sale for $50. That sold for at least $100,000 at auction -- I thought it was considerably more than that. It had been made by some famous cabinet maker in the 1700s.
Answered by Amaretta - Mon Oct 19 16:47:52 2009

What college degree is good to have if you want a career in antiques?
Q. mainly furniture antiques haha Jenny Bolton, you're a bit of an A-hole, aren't ya? oops. a. hole.* there
Asked by I Sting! - Wed Nov 18 04:29:45 2009 - - 2 Answers - 0 Comments

A. none, a degree in history of antiques is helpful though. antiques is mostly just sales
Answered by Karl - Wed Nov 18 04:39:32 2009

what do you bid on antiques mostly?
Q. do you like to shop in antiques stores?
Asked by tennisgurl - Mon Nov 27 18:01:11 2006 - - 2 Answers - 0 Comments

A. I bid whatever I'd be willing to pay, and I don't go over that amount. I've been in antiques stores, but I tend to buy more often in thrift stores. You can find some surprisingly nice things in a thrift store if you know what you're looking for.
Answered by Let Me Think - Mon Nov 27 19:17:47 2006

Where can I participate in an auction that offers original paintings, antiques, and such?
Q. Originals meaning from famous artists, such as Davinci (although I bet all of those are in museums), and antiques such as some of the first Mercedes-Benz's to become. Thanks!
Asked by j s . - Thu Feb 12 16:02:28 2009 - - 1 Answers - 0 Comments

A. Two words "Antique Roadshow"
Answered by Gainey G - Thu Feb 12 16:58:55 2009

What are good websites that list antiques?
Q. My grandparents have finally decided to go through their stuff and sell some of it. The problem is that they don't want to sell it at a yard sale or anything unless they know whether it's an antique or not, and how much it's worth. If you know of any websites that list antiques and what they are worth, please respond. these old people aren'T good with technology, SO DON'T make things too complicated!!!
Asked by Karla D - Wed Mar 17 14:06:15 2010 - - 1 Answers - 0 Comments

A. First, talk to all family members to see if any of them want any of the items. The grandparents will have to decide what they want to get rid of and if the need to charge family for the objects. Call local appraisers/antique shops. Most will be willing to look things over during a weekday (weekends are busy for most shops). Have three or four antique shops come in at the same time. They can put bids in the on the objects they want and their competitors can out bid them. Have a set time to end bidding. Your grandparents will then decide if they wish to accept any of the bids. Be up front with all the shops. Tell them that your grandparents can reject all bids and may not sell anything at all. They will also have to know that there… [cont.]
Answered by Kevin k - Wed Mar 17 14:29:06 2010

Do you know of a good antiques auction or consignment store?
Q. I have inherited more antique furniture than I can use. I want to put some into a high quality consignment store or antiques auction that will allow a reserve. Haven't found much on the internet. Looking for references in Dallas area. Yes, I have tried Craig's List and eBAY.
Asked by kramerdnewf - Thu Apr 19 15:28:40 2007 - - 3 Answers - 0 Comments

A. To obtain the very best arrangement (money) for your items you might visit your local antique shops with some photos of the items you wish to consign. I found that percentages of the sale (going to the seller) is more favorable when there is personal (not email, etc.) involvement. A lot depends on the area you live in and the popularity of what is being considered for sale. In my area (Pomona, California) there is a downtown antiques (only) mall with many stores/dealers to approach. Perhaps, there is one near you. It will take some leg work to realize the best possible interest and profit. Good luck!
Answered by THOMAS A - Thu Apr 19 15:45:37 2007

What are the first things to look for in antiques to see if they're valuable?
Q. My grandmother died the other day, and she left behind a couple of little pieces of what I assume were antiques - I doubt they're worth very much, but it occurred to me to wonder how you work out from hallmarks etc how valuable an item is. Any ideas?
Asked by gingersoprano - Mon Jul 24 12:46:49 2006 - - 9 Answers - 0 Comments

A. Try looking on Ebay for similar items. It will be considered by name, of course condition is important. Look for any markings on the bottom. Things like West Germany or Occupied Japan tend to be worth some money to collectors of those items. Then again you may have nothing but dollar store items that will sell for 25 cents at a rummage sale.. Look at ebay it is a good source of information that is quick and easy...Good Luck
Answered by howlincoyote - Mon Jul 24 12:51:31 2006

Is anyone else sick of programmes about antiques?
Q. The deluge of antiques programes on telly is starting to drive me up the wall. Has anyone else found that Antiques Roadshow, Flog It, Cash In The Attic et al bores them to tears? And do you think the credit crunch will crush the antiques market as no one wants to spend money on old junk, or will it send it rocketing as people try to flog even more rubbish / make fast money?
Asked by Malibu_Jenny - Sat Jul 19 10:58:45 2008 - - 1 Answers - 0 Comments

A. I've never seen any of these shows, but the fact there seems to be a plethora of them causes me to believe many don't feel the same as you do and are tuning into these exciting programs. When I don't like something on TV, I change the channel or turn it off. I usually don't turn it on unless I know there's something on I want to see.
Answered by Brentallica - Sat Jul 19 11:07:05 2008

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Sorting out junk from jewels

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