Popups Now Turned Off

Popups on this site have now been turned off for 24 hours.  To eliminate them and all other popups forever, we recommend Popup and Privacy Defender.

About the Popups

We subscribe to various free exit traffic exchanges as a means of promoting our site.  The popups on each of these exchanges are supposed to load only once behind the current window so as not to interfere with your browsing experience.  They are designed to be unobtrusive and as painless as possible. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous individuals cheat and use code on their sites which causes their windows to load on top.  Also, they may use various other means such as annoying sounds or multiple cascading popups to grab your attention.  Some particularly immoral individuals sometimes stoop so low as to display pornography in their popups. All these tactics are strictly forbidden by the exchanges but nevertheless do sometimes happen.  For this we sincerely apologize.  All violators are inevitably caught and dealt with appropriately.  But in the meantime, please help us fight popup abuse by reporting any such violation you've encountered to the appropriate exchange.  Be sure to include the URL and/or header information from the violating popup.*
If you are experiencing difficulty, please contact us immediately.

Thank you.

More about Free Exit Traffic Exchanges

*To obtain URL of the offending page:

Right-click with your mouse on the background of the page in question. Select "Properties" then highlight the "URL" information then right-click again to select "Copy". Open your email program then right-click again over the body of the email to select "Paste".

*To obtain header information of the offending page:

In Internet Explorer, click "View" then "Source".  A text page should then appear.  Highlight everything on this page between the <head> and </head> tags.  Right-click with your mouse and then select "Copy". Open your email program then right-click again over the body of the email to select "Paste".