for which work did carl sandburg win his 1 pultizer prize?
Asked by siriatos89 - Tue Sep 11 14:25:33 2007 - Fantasy Sports - 3 Answers - Comments

A. I don't know...but its probably not in fantasy sports Good luck!!
Answered by Owner - Tue Sep 11 14:29:32 2007

Can someone please help me interpret the poem "The Plowboy" by Carl Sandburg?
Q. Plowboy after the last red sunset glimmer, Black on the line of a low hill rise, Formed into moving shadows, I saw A plowboy and two horses lined against the gray, Plowing in the dusk the last furrow. The turf had a gleam of brown, And smell of soil was in the air, And, cool and moist, a haze of April. I shall remember you long, Plowboy and horses against the sky in shadow. I shall remember you and the picture You made for me, Turning the turf in the dusk And haze of an April gloaming.
Asked by anna159 - Mon May 28 15:49:31 2007 - Poetry - 1 Answers - Comments

A. My guess is that Carl Sandburg did not write this poem.
Answered by Luci D - Tue May 29 00:37:03 2007

Did Carl Sandburg write any blank verse poetry?
Q. If he did, can you help me out by telling me some examples. Also, if you know of any blank verse poetry (by any author) about dreams (the theme of the poem is dreams) please, please tell me.
Asked by dabster19 - Sat Feb 2 01:47:39 2008 - Poetry - 2 Answers - Comments

A. From what I remember, Carl Sandburg composed in predominantly free verse. An example would be "Chicago."
Answered by Twilit - Sat Feb 2 02:24:36 2008

Does Carl Sandburg mention Idaho in any of his poems?
Q. I swear, I think I have read his mentioning every state in the US except for Idaho (probably a couple others, but otherwise...). Does write much about it, at all?
Asked by jimmytyler - Thu Feb 21 14:40:07 2008 - Books & Authors - 2 Answers - Comments

A. I think that he wrote a lot about chicago. I do not think that he wrote on Idaho. Here is a website with a list of all his poems:
Answered by brian2370 - Thu Feb 21 14:48:24 2008

What would be a good Poem by Carl Sandburg to paint about?
Q. I have to paint this picture on a canvas for English and I was wondering what a good poem would be to paint about. Im not a good painter and I was thinking of maybe "Under the Harvest Moon"?
Asked by Bryson - Tue Nov 16 18:37:58 2010 - Poetry - 1 Answers - Comments

A. I don't have a problem with Harvest Moon. But why not also consider 'Grass'?
Answered by synopsis - Tue Nov 16 18:46:05 2010

What is the meaning of the poem, "Monotone" by Carl Sandburg?
Q. "Monotone" by Carl Sandburg The monotone of the rain is beautiful, And the sudden rise and slow relapse Of the long multitudinous rain. The sun on the hills is beautiful, Or a captured sunset sea-flung, Bannered with fire and gold. A face I know is beautiful-- With fire and gold of sky and sea, And the peace of long warm rain.
Asked by Gina - Tue Apr 12 15:32:29 2011 - Poetry - 3 Answers - 1 Comments

A. As you probably know, a monotone is a sound that doesn't change; it doesn't get faster or slower or higher or deeper; it just stays steadily the same. So the poem is about something that persists, something that endures, something that remains the same. The first three lines of the poem say that the rain is beautiful when it falls at a steady rate, making the same consistent sound, and it's also beautiful when it changes, when it pours more fiercely for a while, and then gradually slows down. The next three lines say that the steady, long-lasting sunlight shining all day long on the hills is beautiful, and the brief, dramatic, fast-changing sunset over the ocean is also beautiful. So the first two stanzas of the poem talk about how nature… [cont.]
Answered by classmate - Tue Apr 12 16:50:02 2011

does anyone know any GOOD poems by Carl Sandburg?
Q. I'm doin a english assignment on his poetry, and all the poems i found suck ass.
Asked by cuutgrl66 - Sat Feb 10 16:42:56 2007 - Books & Authors - 1 Answers - Comments

A. He didn't write any good poems. You are right, he sucks like my grandma sucks eggs. JUst randomly choose one and have done with it.
Answered by Kevin the Nitwit - Sun Feb 11 07:10:19 2007

What are 4 anecdotes in the story A Lincoln Preface by Carl Sandburg?
Asked by lolo - Wed Oct 7 23:20:56 2009 - Lincoln - 1 Answers - Comments

A. This is the Lincoln car answers. I would re post in literature
Answered by Josh S - Thu Oct 8 22:56:26 2009

Can you explain the meaning of this poem by Carl Sandburg?
Q. Hog Butcher for the World, Tool Maker, Stacker of Wheat, Player with Railroads and the Nation's Freight Handler; Stormy, husky, brawling, City of the Big Shoulders: They tell me you are wicked and I believe them, for I have seen your painted women under the gas lamps luring the farm boys. And they tell me you are crooked and I answer: Yes, it is true I have seen the gunman kill and go free to kill again. And they tell me you are brutal and my reply is: On the faces of women and children I have seen the marks of wanton hunger. And having answered so I turn once more to those who sneer at this my city, and I give them back the sneer and say to them: Come and show me another city with lifted head singing so proud to be alive and coarse and… [cont.]
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A. Sandburg moved to Chicago in 1912 after living in Milwaukee, where he had served as secretary to Emil Seidel, Milwaukee's Socialist mayor. Harriet Monroe, a fellow resident of Chicago, had recently founded the magazine Poetry at around this time. Monroe liked and encouraged Sandburg's plain-speaking free verse style, strongly reminiscent of Walt Whitman. Chicago Poems established Sandburg as a major figure in contemporary literature. The Chicago Poems, and its follow-up volumes of verse, Cornhuskers (1918) and Smoke and Steel (1920) represent Sandburg's attempts to found an American version of social realism, writing expansive verse in praise of American agriculture and industry. All of these tendencies are manifest in "Chicago"… [cont.]
Answered by O.J. - Sun Dec 17 13:05:29 2006

What exactly is the poem "I am the people, the mob" by Carl Sandburg about?
Q. How does this relate to the Grapes of Wrath? Please if you can go into detail.
Asked by rahana - Thu May 7 19:12:53 2009 - Poetry - 1 Answers - Comments

Answered by mischiefinthemoonlight - Mon May 11 12:51:25 2009

When was the poem "Worms and the Wind" by Carl Sandburg written?
Q. I need the year it was written, not published.
Asked by Felix - Sun May 3 12:32:25 2009 - Books & Authors - 1 Answers - Comments

A. I think it was 1960 or 1961, around there.
Answered by Avalyn Devereaux - Sun May 3 12:46:19 2009

What is a good song that goes with one of Carl Sandburg's poems?
Q. I have to do this project for english and we have to connect a song to one of carl sandburg's poems and I have no idea which poem or song I want and need suggestions. I was thinking about "Grass" maybe, and I have to present this to the class so try not to give stupid songs please
Asked by Bryson - Sun Dec 12 00:47:52 2010 - Words & Wordplay - 1 Answers - Comments

A. Circles by Carl Sandburg Circle Game by Joni Mitchell
Answered by leonard h - Sun Dec 12 00:58:57 2010

What is the tone and Imagery of Mag by Carl Sandburg ?
Q. Help me !
Asked by Gregory - Sat Jan 2 10:36:58 2010 - History - 1 Answers - Comments

A. 6.5/23.8
Answered by Roger - Tue Jan 5 06:59:06 2010

What is the meaning of the poem "Proud Torsos" by Carl Sandburg?
Asked by Joanna - Thu Dec 16 23:47:41 2010 - Poetry - 1 Answers - Comments

A. The Sad Story of The Invisible Poem A poem you have; understanding not. How to solve this sticky situation? You have read it but to you it means squat. All you really need; Libby s summation! Now here is the live fly in the ointment. Libby is powerless without the words; So you are set up for disappointment And hoped for success is off with the birds! Help me, to help you Comprehend the words Of this poem new. No words; you get turds!
Answered by libby - Fri Dec 17 04:49:44 2010

Please read this short peom called fog by Carl Sandburg?
Q. The fog comes on little cat feet. It sits looking over harbor and city on silent haunches and then moves on. how can you relate a cat to the fog ? Thanks!
Asked by The Franchise kid - Thu Apr 3 19:42:37 2008 - Books & Authors - 2 Answers - Comments

A. One of my favorites!!! Well the fog comes slowly, so does the cat. Both appears also without noise. The feet of the cat are so soft, (please go and touch a kitty), even the feets of the tiger, but the word cat is like the word fog: simple, beutiful, clear. The fog rises just above the floor, and begins to walk slowly, tenderly, like a cat in the street, when nobody is around
Answered by f g - Thu Apr 3 19:55:18 2008

Do you have to live in Orland Park (Illinois) to go to Carl Sandburg High School?
Q. Carl Sandburg High School is a high school in Orland Park, Illinois. Do you have to live there in order to attend that school? I live in Oak Lawn but it's only 15 minutes away.
Asked by Moe Abuosbie - Fri Aug 20 01:29:34 2010 - Other - Education - 1 Answers - Comments

A. Yeah i think you have to live here to go there. or i know some people from oak forest and orland hills but i think theyre still in the school zone. why would you wanna go there anyway. i go there and its really nothing special. i'm sure oak lawn's school are just fine.
Answered by KathiKat - Sun Aug 22 18:45:51 2010

What natural phenomenon did Carl Sandburg say one must understand in order to be Canadian?
Asked by thomson632002 - Tue Feb 12 14:29:41 2008 - Mythology & Folklore - 2 Answers - Comments

A. Ummm...the Aurora Borealis??
Answered by Kel - Tue Feb 12 14:35:29 2008

Why is Carl Sandburg's The Fog famous and is it his magnus opus?
Q. Thanks in advance!
Asked by Tan N - Mon Jul 19 15:55:42 2010 - Poetry - 2 Answers - Comments

A. Let's see now..first, the poem: FOG by Carl Sandburg THE fog comes on little cat feet. It sits looking over harbor and city on silent haunches and then moves on. Here is what the poem does. 1. It is short and to the point. Poems do not have to be long to be great. 2. It paints a picture that could be hung on a wall. It is a "word canvas." 3. It personifies the Fog. It treats the fog as if it is a "person," or in this case, an animal acting of its own will. 4. It implies the brevity of all things. Everything passes on. I do not believe that this is his greatest poem, but it may be his best-known one. Oh, and I believe you mean "magnum" opus.
Answered by Elaine for Poetry - Mon Jul 19 17:31:01 2010

Who goes to carl sandburg in rolling meadows?
Q. i go to carl sandburg and im new who goes to carl sandburg
Asked by IMAGE - Wed Oct 3 16:39:14 2007 - Quotations - 1 Answers - Comments

A. not me..
Answered by mitzy - Thu Oct 4 09:55:26 2007

What is the poem by Carl Sandburg with a line that reads...?
Q. "The nations over the globe shall have music, music instead of murder" I heard it on a documentary not too long ago and the line stayed with me, but I didn't catch the name. I did some searching on google to no avail. Now if anyone can find me the passage where that quote is found, that would be great...
Asked by Jessica Savage - Fri Jul 16 23:17:46 2010 - Poetry - 2 Answers - Comments

A. Hello, I found it for you. It is a line from Sandburg's book, Remembrance Rock. The book is almost 1100 pages long. Amazon has a paperback version published by Harvest/ HBJ. The line is on page 1046 of that publisher's paperback version. You can find info. on the book through google. Cheers. (There is a search option on amazon, you can put, "nations over the globe" and you can look at that section. You first have to get to the book, and the "look inside option")
Answered by sort of a jerk - Fri Jul 16 23:42:07 2010

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Galesburg After Dark   Local Spotlight: Michael Cook - Galesburg Register-Mail
Galesburg After Dark Local Spotlight: Michael Cook - Galesburg Register-Mail
Thu, 29 Jul 2010 21:03:16 GMT+00:00
Galesburg Register-Mail ... of a bloodthirsty crowd of hundreds, he's usually teaching drum lessons at MusicMakers in downtown Galesburg or taking courses at Carl Sandburg College. ...
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"To a Contemporary Bunkshooter," by  - Poem Read by DJB
"To a Contemporary Bunkshooter,&qu​ot; by - Poem Read by DJB

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The text of this poem can be viewed at carl-sandburg.c​om I was a little unsure about making this video public for several reasons. My reading is a ...

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Frank Lloyd Wright, Carl Sandburg and Thomas Jefferson Almost ...
Frank Lloyd Wright, Carl Sandburg and Thomas Jefferson Almost ...

Donald R. Mc Clarey,
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Carl Sandburg , in his multivolume biography of Lincoln, got closer to the heart of the man than many professionally trained historians, telling the tale of a man's life requiring the touch of a poet as well as a chronicling of facts. ...

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Carl Sandburg (6 January 1878 –22 July 1967) was an American poet, historian, novelist, balladeer and folklorist.
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