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The Age
Photo: Rodger Cummins
The Age, Australia - Feb 5, 2007
Every year Doyle hosts local produce dinners at Bloodwood, Orange's first winery, which she founded with husband Stephen in 1983. ...

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Bloodwood is the common name for several unrelated groups of trees.

  • Pterocarpus erinaceus, a deciduous South African tree with large yellow-orange flowers. It yields a thick red juice which is often used in the production of black dyes. Its wood is generally from a light pink to a deep blood-red, and is incredibly dense. This wood is often used by woodworkers for its natural ability to take a polish, and its unmistakable red coloring.
  • Rough barked Corymbia eucalypts in Australia. The name bloodwood for these trees stems from the dark red to brown kino that acumulates on wounds on the trunks.
  • Brosimum Paraense is a tree found in Brazil. Its dense heartwood (specific gravity of 1.15 when dry) is commonly called bloodwood due to its striking red color. The sapwood is easily distiguished by its yellowish-white color. The wood has a fine texture and takes a high polish. The wood is very hard and has a tendency to blunt tools. The wood is used in decorative woodworking and woodturning under the names Satine and Satine Bloodwood. The Nature Conservancy considers this tree secure withing its native range.



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