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`Borat,' `Peter Pan' reissue fly into new DVDs this week
Kalamazoo Gazette, MI - 10 hours ago
... such as a disastrous visit to an antique shop, will make many viewers uneasy because they're likely to identify with the victims of Borat's shenanigans. ...

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AntiqueWeek has been a source for weekly antiques and collectibles news in the United States since 1968. With AntiqueWeek’s weekly circulation of over 70,000 readers, it is one of the most popular antiques newspapers in the United States.


  • The Eastern edition covers the states east of Pennsylvania and the Central edition covers the mid-western states west of Ohio.
  • AntiqueWest covers states in the Western United States.
  • Each edition includes a National section which concentrates on industry news and major auctions around the country.
  • Published rate, as of Jan 1, 2006, for a one year subscription to AntiqueWeek is 41 USD.


  • Capsule summaries from around the country appear in every issue of their respective regional editions in the AntiqueWeek Auction Roundup.
  • Important issues in the auction industry are discussed in Auction Time, a weekly column by auctioneer and attorney Steve Proffitt.
  • Additional commentary is provided by editors and columnists.

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